​Israel has always been the development incubator for the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and home of its inventor, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, author of the best-seller “The Goal.”​​​

Welcome to the Goldratt House – not just Goldratt Group’s headquarters, but the living center for TOC – ​its development, proliferation, and training.​

The Goldratt Group is comprised of professionals both in TOC and in various relevant fields of business. Their ability and commitment to share information and facilitate cross-pollination of ideas are the keys to harnessing new solutions which enable more and more organizations to grow and flourish. The knowledge housed here is constantly enhanced by its thought leaders and never grows stale.Goldratt House provides an ideal setting for companies to carefully examine their strategy, prepare for the various stages of their implementation, and conduct periodic audits of their implementation.

The large and diverse client base of the Goldratt Group makes this stately building unique. North American and Chinese manufacturers are learning alongside Australian and European distributors, while Japanese and Latin American wholesalers compare issues with Indian and African distributors.We heartily welcome you to Goldratt House, for a unique learning experience which will enhance your company’s ability to compete in the marketplace and become ever resilient and prosperous!


At the Goldratt House you will find various groups of highly skilled individuals, engaged in thought intensive sessions with the objective of applying methodologies to improve their organizations. You'll likely come across various trainings such as: TOC for production and supply chain, TOC for project management, and TOC for Business innovation.


The Goldratt House provides the perfect atmosphere to envision your growth strategy and develop the execution plan to achieve it. Apply the TOC framework and utilize our expertise to leverage the company's assets to deliver more value to more customers. Identify the key constraints in your operation and sales flow to design a resilient growth plan.


The Goldratt House provides the opportunity to connect with likeminded people - individuals who do not comply with the status quo, and inspire to achieve breakthrough results. In the corridors you'll likely meet managers from all over the world and across industries, delegations members, renowned TOC Experts and Israeli startups entrepreneurs.

Delegation Visits

The Goldratt House is a popular destination for business delegations visiting Israel for tours, seminars and exposure to a wide range of innovations and startups. Visits to the Goldratt House typically include lectures, discussions and activities based on the principles of TOC.

The aim of such visits is to provide an opportunity to learn more about the Theory of Constraints and its applications in improving organizational performance. “Work hard, party harder” is our moto! If time permits, delegation members can enjoy great wine and local cuisine in the Goldratt House gardens. It is where the secrets come out…

Startups Introductions

​Israel is recognized for its innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and is one of the world’s top countries for venture capital investment. The country is often referred to as “the startup nation” due to its concentration of high tech companies. As such, the Israeli startup ecosystem is the perfect place to discover new breakthrough innovations. The Goldratt Group regularly interacts with many startups across industries where it applies TOC for Business Innovation to their product strategy development. Its wide exposure to companies across the world makes the Goldratt Group a destination for startups seeking to introduce their innovations. Visit us at the Goldratt House and ask to be introduced to various startups relevant to your industry.

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